Household Water Use in Alberta

Dry looking tap with a droplet hanging from it with mountains in the background.

Access to water, water use, and water conservation are of increasing concern to all Albertans as our population grows and our water resources remain finite. Individual Albertans can help by managing water use in their own homes.

Water Maps Resource List

Maps of water help visualize availability, and support water management. They guide urban development planning, agricultural and industry activities, as well as mitigating the impacts of droughts, floods, and climate change.

In Canada, there are a variety of sources publishing water maps across the provinces and territories. The following is a selection of map resources you can find online.

The Alberta WaterPortal Society publishes online games and videos for water learning at home

By Alixx Hettinga, Communications Coordinator for the WaterPortal Society The Alberta WaterPortal Society is releasing fun, new, online…

Water Connections Video Series

These four short videos introduce different aspects of how the agricultural sector in Alberta manages water quality and water efficiency practices. New agricultural technologies and adaptations to climate change are also discussed.